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Living in a gorgeous city like Boise with all four seasons means so many things, from the opportunity to enjoy vibrant autumns and springs to having the chance to soak up vitamin D on warm summer days.

The changing seasons also mean that there are ebbs and tides in the sort of pests that can infiltrate your property, both indoors and outdoors.

We have your back, it’s what we do. With that in mind, we put together a list of what to expect as the light returns and the sun warms everything up around us.

Warmer months

As you enjoy the lengthening days and that rush of heat filling them, so too are hundreds of little critters awakening to the joy of spring. The creepy crawlies respond to the warmer temperatures and increases in daylight.

Their nests crack open and they begin to forage and find new homes in preparation for winter. There’s no rest for the weary; after all, you know what happened to the grasshopper who played his fiddle all summer long.

Billbugs: The grubs (larvae) infiltrate your lawn. They sport cream-colored bodies with brown heads. If you see the adult form traipsing around your yard (a beetle with spotted back and a bill-like snout), chances are you have an infestation in your lawn.

Stress from a drought or extreme heat will make your yard more susceptible to this pest. Grass turning brown in early summer is a sign you’ve got an infestation.

Ticks: The Rocky Mountain wood tick calls Boise and surrounding areas home. These little insects wait on the tips of grass and branches for their prey to pass by. And when the opportunity comes, the pests hitch a ride.

They’re carriers of many diseases and can jump from dogs to humans. Our own yards aren’t safe from ticks, so it’s best to practice prevention and proactively treat for ticks.

Carpenter Ants: All creatures have their time and place for helping keep delicate ecosystems in balance. However, these insects invade our homes.
Carpenter ants can wreak extensive damage before we know what’s happening. These resourceful insects burrow through wooden structures, which undermines the very supports of our homes. In general they tend to stay outside, but if you see them indoors, it’s best to take action quickly.

Clover mites: This tiny, brilliant red bug pops up in spring and often infests windowsills. The mite eats plants and is generally harmless. They tend to stay outside, but will make their way indoors and onto windowsills if you have a healthy lawn outside said window.
We recommend cleaning them up gently with a wet cloth or paper towel. Applying light pressure is best, because crushing them may cause staining from the bright red pigment in their bodies.

Colder months

Rodents: In Boise, we tend to see the Norway rat, the roof rat, and the common house mouse. But that doesn’t rule out the chance that some homeowners will bump into squirrels, voles, gophers, rock chucks, and raccoons.

Though everyone loves a good mouse cartoon, rodents t can cause a good share of damage. They can destroy electrical wiring, chew through drywall, leave their droppings in your food, get bacteria in your water, and spread other diseases to your family.

We see these infestations in winter as the rodents go in search of shelter within easy reach of food and water.

If you suspect you have an infestation of any sort, we’re here to help! TriGuard Pest Control brings impeccable standards to the business of managing all kinds of pests. Call us for a consultation to learn what our services can do for you!