Wasps and Hornets are similar enough to go under the same section. They like to make nests on homes under the roof overhang. They will sting if threatened. Many people are not only afraid of wasps, but allergic. Small honeycomb nests are built into large paper bulb nests housing hundred of wasps. Do not remove a wasp nest. Watch for wasp nests under the grill, in a child’s toy box, or any protected overhang. Paper wasp – They are called paper wasps because their nests are made of plant material combined with saliva to create honeycomb-shaped nests. These nests are found in door-frames, windowsills, and eaves of houses. They feed on nectar and pollen and will hunt for caterpillars. They should not be permitted to develop near the home as they do sting. Their sting is extremely painful and may produce serious reactions to people that are allergic to the venom. These insects do leave behind pheromones in order to mark territory.