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Eco-Friendly. Effective. Customized.

TRIGUARD Protection:

Same-day Solutions

If you have a pest problem, contact us. We will have a proposed solution within 24 hours.

Peace of Mind

If a pest does manage to get inside, we will come back at no extra charge.

Plans Designed For You

Custom plans based on the type of home, area, and pest problem.

Andy, as well as our other technicians have been fantastic. They take the time to explain exactly what they do and do not rush the job. The price seems very fair for the service provided. On our first treatment Andy was under the house and checked every crack and crevice. The contract was explained and our questions answered. I like that the product is non toxic and still does the job. We are looking forward to enjoying a summer free of Ants and Wasps.

Elizabeth Ide

Everett,WA, Customer of 3 years

At first I was a little skeptical of pest control services in general. Throughout the years I have either attempted to take care of my ant and spider issues myself or just lived with them. But after a Triguard employee came to my house did I decide to give pest control a chance. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. I would recommend this company. The technicians that I have had treat my home have been thoughtful and hard working. 

Randy Dixon

Redmond, WA, Customer of 2 years

Pest control has never been a top priority of mine. I had a young man knock on my door offering his pest control service. He was nice, informative, and the price was very reasonable. I am glad I signed up for their service. Each time the service technician treats my home he updates me on what he finds and treats. It is evident that this company, Triguard trains their employees well.

Ronda Foust

Sammamish, WA, Customer of 3 years

Triguard has always done a good job on my home. It was covered with webs of spiders before. Now there are none. It took several treatments to get rid of all of them, which was understandable. The technician that comes knows my family’s concern for spiders and rodents and each time he makes sure those pests are his top priority and taken care of. I have told my neighbor and some family members to get this service also. 

Jay Chang

Bellevue, WA, Customer of 4 years

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