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As the weather cools, pests and rodents seek warmth and shelter indoors. Box elder bugs, mice, and Asian Lady Beetles can be very problematic in the winter months. We work hard to keep the pests out.


Spiders, ants, Asian Lady Beetles, wasps, stinging insects, pantry pests such as Indian meal moths and others will soon appear. Our TriGuard service prevents these things from becoming a problem.


Our service includes taking down all reachable spider webs and wasp nests. We do this each time. The warmer months will be sure to bring many invaders. Hornets, yellow jackets, paper wasps, ants and silverfish are just some of the pests that make your home their home during the summer. We protect against these unwanted pests.


As you adjust the thermostat for cooler fall temperatures, remember that unwanted pests like mice will be looking for a warm place to nest. Spiders can also be a nuisance in the fall months. With our seasonal protection plan we take care of the pests for you.

Complimentary De-Webbing

Triguard is unique in many ways but one of the most obvious is the De-Webbing we do on houses. Most home can collect spiders, wasps and many other un wanted pest that build nest on the outside of your home. We take the time to clean eves, around windows and even under decks to help reduce  spider and wasp populations around the home and help prevent them making your home into breeding grounds.

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Top Notch Rodent Protection

Rodents are very prominent in the Northwest and can destroy a crawl space, attic or even interior walls if not controlled. We have found the most effect way to keep disaster from happening with rodents is our BBS. We install boxes around the home in areas we believe rodents will pass by while exiting or entering the home.. In these boxes a bait is placed that lures the rodents into the boxes. Rodents feed on the bait and will eventually cause them to seek water and expire. We have found this to be the most effective way of protecting the home. 

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